Affordable Tree Landscape is ready to serve you and taking proactive safety measures to ensure the health and well being of our clients in this Covid 19 period and take this matter seriously. 1) Our trained staff & crews are taking extra precautions to clean often and sanitize hands, equipment and trucks before and after each job. 2) Face to face meetings are not necessary, we are practicing social distancing and only need to access the area for your trees and can communicate from afar or over the phone. 3) We are open and ready to help you with your tree service needs. Emergency tree work can be needed on a moments notice, know that we are here for you and open for business. Your safety is our #1 priority and concern. We will get through this together.


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      Our state remains known to a wide range of different plant species, making your weekly yard maintenance needs more complicated. When you need a trustworthy tree service in St. Augustine, FL, it helps to hire an experienced team of contractors.

      At Affordable Tree & Landscape, we continue to serve the community with expert-quality solutions for more plants growing at home. From keeping your backyard trees professionally trimmed, to preventing potential storm damage, we cover all of your concerns for less.

      Whether you have Sabal palm trees, pines, southern live oaks, and other tree types, we leave them at their best. We only use professional-grade tools and equipment and the best landscapers we can find for your top results every week.

      If you are still hiring someone else to maintain your trees and vegetation, you’re paying too much. See why more St. Augustine, FL, residents prefer our contractors for their lawns.


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      Jack Leake

      The owner, Jack Leake, has a degree in Forestry from The University of Tennessee and has worked and lived in the St. Augustine area for 19 years. He and his team have knowledge and experience and can help you with your tree needs.

      No matter what it takes to leave your property free from tree care concerns, you can rely on us.

      The owner, Jack Leake, has a degree in Forestry from The University of Tennessee and has worked and lived in the St. Augustine area for 19 years. He and his team have knowledge and experience and can help you with your tree needs.

      No matter what it takes to leave your property free from tree care concerns, you can rely on us.

      St. Augustine, FL Tree Services & Landscaping

      Of all the trade service contractors to hire for help, finding the right landscaping team remains a challenge for many. How can you best strike a balance between reliable weekly results and affordable pricing when your lawns already seem overgrown?

      One way to know for sure is by hiring us at Affordable Tree & Landscaping for all of your concerns. As your local leader in all things landscaping, we continue to keep your prices low and your quality higher daily.

      No matter what you need to keep your lawns at their best, you can still rely on our team now. See why more plants throughout the St. Augustine area prefer our contractors week after week for affordable tree care solutions.

      Tree Removal

      We do what we can to keep trees healthy, but sometimes, the only option is to have them cut down. We chop, remove, and clean the site to leave your property clear, safer, and professionally maintained at affordable daily pricing.

      Stump Grinding

      You had considered keeping your discarded tree stump, but now you’re seeing pests beginning to swarm around it. Prevent termites, wood-boring insects, beetles, and more from targeting your house next by choosing us to eliminate your tree stumps.

      Tree Trimming

      When your trees don’t get trimmed as frequently as they should, they soon become overgrown, scraggly, and weakened. By eliminating dead plant materials and overgrowth, your trees quickly begin growing at their peak level of health for longer.

      Emergency Service

      When your sick, dying trees decide to come crashing down, they don’t care what time of the night it is. Thankfully, you can still contact our team for immediate services, keeping your home safer for less, even during an emergency.

      Tree Pruning

      Taking away dead limbs and branches can quickly become a tedious task when you don’t have the right equipment ready. Our experienced service contractors offer fast and affordable tree pruning throughout the community every day for convenient lawn maintenance solutions.

      Storm & Hurricane Proofing

      Every year, hurricane season starts earlier and earlier, and many homeowners still find themselves caught off guard when storms strike. The single best way to prevent more damage from happening is by proofing your yard before severe weather arrives.

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      20 Years Experience


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      Tree Services and Landscaping in St. Augustine, FL

      Experience is what will separate a home with an overgrown lawn and a home with maintained outdoor spaces and improved curb appeal. Buying a power tool is not enough to make you a landscaper, and our team knows what plants need most.

      When you have tall trees and overgrown limbs dozens of feet above the ground, you need a professional team. Our service technicians have years of hands-on expertise from working in the field throughout the greater St. Augustine, FL, community.

      When you need to know you’re hiring the best, you need to choose our team of expert landscapers for results. Give your trees, shrubs, and other vegetation the trusted name in weekly upkeep services and see the difference we make

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