Affordable Tree Care in St. Augustine, FL

//Affordable Tree Care in St. Augustine, FL

Affordable Tree Care in St. Augustine, FL

Are you looking for affordable landscaping and tree care? Are you in the St. Augustine area or any of the surrounding areas? Look no further – we’ve got you covered!


Why Should You Trust Us With Your Tree and Landscaping Needs?

Jack Leake, our owner, not only earned his degree in Forestry from the University of Tennessee but is also a certified arborist and has lived and worked in St. Augustine, Florida, for over 19 years. Meaning he knows his stuff about trees and landscaping and knows the area like the back of his hand. 

With Jack’s expertise, he has trained his team to be able to answer any questions about what types of trees and other various plants to plant, and why to plant those specific ones. It’s because of Jack’s training that our team shares a strong sense of dedication and passion when it comes to our profession and our clients….

We at Affordable Tree & Landscaping has also had the privilege and honor of being able to take care of the Old Senator live oak tree near historic downtown St. Augustine. Old Senator is historic in and of itself, as it is about 600 years old and is one of the oldest and largest trees in Florida. 


What Services Do We Offer?

Affordable Tree & Landscaping offers many services, and our prices are dependent on your needs. We offer basic tree care such as tree pruning and trimming, but we also offer tree removal and stump grinding, and more. We have St. Augustine’s best interests in mind when it comes to trees.

Are you worried about what storms could do to your tree? There’s no need to worry because we can storm and weatherproof your tree. Did a storm damage your tree, or did a tree fall onto your roof or car? We can take care of that too, since we offer emergency tree services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

We pride ourselves in being pine and oak tree trimming specialists, as well as taking it upon ourselves to do our own cleanup, haul away our own debris, and grind stumps the stumps of every tree we takedown.


What Areas Do We Service?

Not only do we service St. Augustine, Florida, but we also service the surrounding areas. These areas include, but are most certainly not limited to:

  • Ponte Vedra and Ponte Vedra Beach
  • Vilano Beach, Anastasia Island
  • St. Augustine, and St. Augustine Beach
  • Crescent Beach
  • Palatka
  • Palm Valley
  • Fort Matanzas
  • Marineland

This means that we service nearly 92 square miles, and have the ability to service about 122,000 people. How awesome is that?


We Know We’re Not the Only Choice You Have

We understand that we aren’t the only tree and landscaping company out there and that you have many choices when it comes to picking someone to trust with your yard. It’s because of our passion and dedication that we have stayed in business for over 20 years, and have earned the title of “Best Tree Services” for those 20 years of service. 

We thank you for choosing Affordable Tree & Landscaping for all of your tree and landscaping needs!

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