5 Common Tree Issues to Watch Out for during the Summer

//5 Common Tree Issues to Watch Out for during the Summer

5 Common Tree Issues to Watch Out for during the Summer

When warm weather arrives, it’s time to look out for common tree issues. Certain diseases arise with the increase in temperature and can affect trees permanently. Identifying these pathogens and conditions can help you correct the problem and save your trees.

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5 Common Tree Issues Associated with Summer


One common tree issue that occurs in the summer is anthracnose. Anthracnose is a disease that mainly affects trees including maple, oak, ash, sycamore, and dogwood. The wind carries the diseased spores, allowing anthracnose to damage multiple trees on your land.

Some signs that your tree may be affected include leaf blights, twig cankers, defoliation, and leaf blotches.

Leaf Spot Disease

Leaf spot disease is a general term covering a wide range of diseases impacting tree leaves. Some signs that your tree is experiencing leaf spot disease are telltale spots, such as the Tubakia leaf spot or entomosporium leaf spot. Certain trees are more susceptible to specific variations of this disease.

Canker Diseases

Canker diseases occur when a bacterial or fungal pathogen infects a tree. These conditions can kill branches, stunt the growth of new leaves, and severely affect tree trunks.

Cankers develop when the bacterial or fungal pathogen infiltrates the wood. The cankers stunt how trees grow by blocking the trees from receiving nutrients and water.

Symptoms associated with canker diseases are reddish-brown lesions appearing on a tree’s bark, branches, or trunk. Pruning the infected areas will improve tree health amid this condition.


Fireblight typically impacts trees in May and June, affecting particular species of trees. For example, Hawthorn, crabapple, pyracantha, and pear trees may develop a powdery mildew. Other symptoms include their stems growing cankers or wilting/blackening leaves.

Crown Gall

Crown gall, or agrobacterium tumefaciens, is a bacterial disease that infects the roots. This widespread condition can impact 93 different species of plants.

If you notice spongy, hollow, abnormal growths on the crown of your tree, it may have crown gall. Some tree issues associated with crown gall are stunted growth, reduced foliage, or root infection.

You can use several methods to protect your tree from crown gall. Specifically, you can remove infected roots, not create cuts near the soil, and control the number of weeds around the tree.

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