How To Cut Down A Tree Near A House

//How To Cut Down A Tree Near A House

How To Cut Down A Tree Near A House

Having a tree growing too close to your home can cause many problems. Hazards such as falling tree branches, excessive root growth, and the potential of the tree falling can pose severe risks to your house. So before getting out your tools, you’ll want to plan how to cut down a tree near a house.

First, you’ll want to identify the type of tree for removal. Larger trees require cumbersome machinery to chop down, while mature trees may fall incorrectly due to soil erosion. For these types of trees, you’ll want to enlist tree removal by Affordable Tree and Landscape at (904) 687-9856.


Before planning how to cut down a tree near a house, you’ll want to measure the tree’s distance from the structure. If the distance from the base of the tree trunk to the house is larger than the tree itself, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional. 

Likewise, suppose the tree is too close to structures that do not belong to you, such as power lines or a neighbor’s property. In that case, you should seek the help of an arborist.


If the tree is small enough to cut down, you’ll need the right tools. These include:

  • Rope- A rope is helpful to tie around the tree to manage the direction of its fall.
  • A ladder- A ladder is necessary to reach high areas.  
  • Sawzall or chainsaw- A Sawzall is helpful for tree trimming or cutting down small trees. A chainsaw, meanwhile, is essential for standard or larger tree removal.
  • Pruning shears (optional)- Pruning shears assist with excessive branch removal. 

Branch removal

To make the fall manageable, consider trimming the tree’s branches before fully cutting it down. Then, ascend the ladder, and cut down easy-to-reach branches. Eliminating the excessive weight of the tree will make the tree’s fall less dangerous and easier to direct.

Plan direction

If you have not already, you’ll need to establish the direction of the tree’s fall. Planning a fall direction eliminates damage incurred by tree removal. 

After establishing a fall direction, you will need to clear the path. Remove all items that will risk taking damage when the tree falls. Likewise, consider falling branches and other debris that could break any objects.

The right incision

First, you’ll want to cut a notch at the base of the tree trunk in the direction you wish the tree to fall. After cutting the notch, make an incision into the tree from the opposite side of the notch. Then, move away from the tree as quickly as possible after cutting inwards to the notch.

When to call the professionals at Affordable Tree and Landscape

Knowing how to cut down a tree near a house means knowing that the process is dangerous and often best left to the professionals. Arborists know the common tree issues that may cause damage and when to consider tree removal services. At Affordable Tree and Landscape, we make tree removal safe and accessible for all our clients.

Call Affordable Tree and Landscape at (904) 687-9856 today for a free quote.

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