4 Proper Tree Pruning Techniques That Professionals Use

//4 Proper Tree Pruning Techniques That Professionals Use

4 Proper Tree Pruning Techniques That Professionals Use

Proper tree pruning techniques become necessary for trees’ healthy growth and development. It helps control the shape and appearance of the tree while getting rid of weak limbs and diseased branches.

Here we look at four proper pruning techniques the professionals use when tree trimming in St. Augustine, FL.

4 Proper Tree Trimming Techniques Arborists Use To Keep Trees Healthy

Tree trimming, a delicate art, requires a lot of skill and careful planning. This is because the health of the tree depends on it. As such, using the proper tree pruning techniques remains a vital step.

Below we list our top three techniques for pruning trees:

1. Crown Clearing

Crown clearing involves removing tree branches from the top for aesthetics, safety, or to improve the health of a tree. This pruning technique exposes as much sunlight as possible to the foliage around the trunk of a tree.

When removing branches from a tree’s crown, always start at the bottom and work your way up. Never remove branches from the top down.

2. Canopy Raising

Canopy raising offers an excellent way to make your tree taller and increase its shade. Canopy raising involves removing the lower branches of a tree and keeping only the upper ones. This will help your tree grow taller and stronger, making it more attractive.

To avoid damage to your tree, use the proper tree pruning techniques. Make sure you remove the lower branches with a saw or pruning shears. If you use loppers, they could damage your tree and cause damage to yourself or others who may be nearby.

3. Espalier Pruning

Espalier pruning refers to a technique that involves training trees to grow flat against a wall or fence. You’ll need to choose a tree with a good shape for espaliering (usually one with a single trunk) and then train it to grow horizontally instead of vertically by trimming off its branches.

This corrective pruning technique can make your yard more aesthetically pleasing. It also helps keep the tree from growing too large and potentially damaging your home or fence.

4. Vista Pruning

Vista pruning entails trimming the branches of a tree so that they don’t block views of the landscape. This technique is common in parks and cemeteries. To begin, you need to find the tree’s central leader that extends up from its base.

Once you’ve seen this central leader, use your saw to cut it off at an angle just above where it meets a lateral branch.

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