When To Trim Maple Trees: Best Practices

//When To Trim Maple Trees: Best Practices

When To Trim Maple Trees: Best Practices

Many property owners value maple trees for their easy upkeep and vibrant colors, either in the fall or year-round. While it’s true that maple trees offer easy upkeep and few maintenance needs, properly trimming and growing the tree does require a bit of knowledge and preparation. 

Fortunately, our team at Affordable Tree and Landscape can help. We’re tree trimming experts in St. Augustine, FL, and we have answers to all your maple tree care questions. 

In this blog, we talk about when to trim maple trees and take a look at reasons to trim and best trimming practices. To learn more about tree trimming and other tree care services in St. Augustine, give our team a call today. 

Reasons to Prune Maple Trees

Typically, experts only prune trees to achieve specific goals. Pruning incorrectly, whether at the wrong time or too much, can damage the tree’s overall health. 

With this in time, experts will only prune when necessary. Keep reading to learn why experts decide to prune maple trees. 


In many cases, tree care professionals trim trees for aesthetics. If a branch has gotten out of line or the tree’s canopy is getting leggy, then experts will trim the tree to keep its shape. 


Trimming for tree health targets diseased or dead branches, compromised leaves, and other things that put the tree at risk. When performed correctly and promptly, trimming the tree can prevent the spread of bacterial issues, diseases, infestations, and other problems. 

Do not attempt DIY pruning if you suspect your tree needs trimming to prevent disease or infection. Consult with an experienced tree care professional to reduce the likelihood of escalating the issue. 


Sometimes, pruning the tree can help it grow. By trimming some undesirable branches and leaves, tree experts help the tree divert energy toward growing in other areas. 

If you want better aesthetics and health for your tree, consider scheduling regular tree pruning services for your trees. 

Preparing For Tree Pruning

Tree pruning requires in-depth knowledge of tree health, variances between tree species, and the importance of proper timing. 

In addition to this knowledge, experts require the right safety tools, trimming equipment, and additional protective gear. When deciding when to trim maple trees, experts also aim for a specific time of year. 

When To Trim Maple Trees

Timing matters when trimming maple trees. In general, most tree experts trim during late winter so a tree may recover and grow during spring. 

However, maple trees bleed sap excessively from the wounds left behind by trimming.  For larger maple trees, sap bleeding doesn’t put the tree at risk. For smaller trees, experts recommend waiting until late spring or summer to trim larger branches instead. 

Professional Care For Maple Trees in St. Augustine

Now that you know when to trim maple trees, learn about proper pruning techniques and more by continuing to browse our blog. 

Ready to see what professional tree care can do for your property’s deciduous trees? Call Affordable Tree and Landscape at 904-687-9856 to get started today. 

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