Here’s What To Do With Dead Limbs on Trees

//Here’s What To Do With Dead Limbs on Trees

Here’s What To Do With Dead Limbs on Trees

Who doesn’t want trees full of luscious green leaves all summer long? Unfortunately, this won’t always be the case.

There are countless tree species that shed their leaves as seasons change. However, on some occasions, this lack of leaves could be one of the signs of a dying tree, indicating that the branches are dead. And if this is the case, quick action might save the rest of the tree.

Read on to learn what to do with dead limbs on trees. You can always call St. Augustine’s trusted tree pruning services for help with this issue, as well.

The Dangers Dead Branches Pose Aren’t Worth Waiting

Most tree owners worry about the aesthetics of dead branches, but that’s only the beginning. Here are some of the other risks that dead or dying branches may pose to everything around them:

Injuries and Property Damage

Dead branches are not as stable as healthy ones. They can fall at any time and with little warning, potentially causing severe property damage or even injuries to anyone standing beneath them. In such situations, the quick response of emergency tree responders can be crucial to address the immediate risks and prevent further hazards.

Was a tree branch already dead when it fell? Your insurance might not cover the damages.

Tree Death

Of course, the same disease that has killed the branch or twig could eventually infect the entire tree. Before you know it, a small issue could eventually leave you dealing with a dead tree.

What To Do About Your Tree’s Dead Limbs

Have you spotted dead limbs on trees? The solution is quite simple: professional tree trimming.

Local trimming services will help you rid your tree of problematic branches to improve its health and appearance while safeguarding your yard. If you schedule these services regularly, it also becomes easier to keep your trees healthy and looking their best for years to come.

Why You Should Never Trim the Tree Yourself

On the surface, tree trimming might seem simple. Isn’t it just a few dead branches?

The truth is that tree trimming is a lot more technical than it appears on the surface. Leaving the task to trained professionals could save you from having to call a tree removal service instead.

Here are a few reasons why you should never handle the trimming yourself:


Trying to remove your tree’s branches yourself places you and your property in danger. The branch could fall unexpectedly, damaging vehicles or even injuring pets or people below you.

Tree Damage

There is a right and wrong way to handle tree trimming. Doing it incorrectly will severely damage trees beyond the point from which they can recover.

Improper Tools

When it comes to pruning trees, the right tools make all the difference, but only with the expertise and experience to use them.

Professional Tree Trimming | St. Augustine, FL

Seeing the leaves on your branches turning brown can be a worrying sight. Fortunately, there is one step you can take to remedy the situation: call a tree professional.

Why not contact Affordable Tree & Landscape at 904-687-9856 today to learn what to do with dead limbs on trees, the steps involved in grafting a tree branch, and much more?

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