How To Brace a Large Leaning Tree the Right Way

//How To Brace a Large Leaning Tree the Right Way

How To Brace a Large Leaning Tree the Right Way

Although most trees grow straight and robust, some lean and need additional support to thrive. However, many Ponte Vedra homeowners don’t understand how to brace a large leaning tree or the best time to start the process. So Affordable Tree and Landscape developed a guide explaining everything you need to know about bracing a tree.

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What Causes Trees To Lean?

Trees lean for several reasons. Strong winds, inadequate sunlight, soil erosion, and more can cause a tree to lean, causing multiple issues while potentially creating a safety hazard. Most won’t naturally recover and require staking to restore their structure and promote healthy growth.

Although you should stake leaning trees before they mature, larger trees can also benefit from bracing. However, it’s a bit trickier and requires a bit more effort. 

How To Brace a Large Tree

Follow the steps below to learn how to brace a large leaning tree in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Step One: Buy the Equipment

Before you learn how to brace a large leaning tree, you need to purchase the necessary equipment. Visit your local home improvement store and buy the following:

  • A sledgehammer or mallet
  • Garden hose or rubber tubing
  • Hand winch (optional)
  • Tree straps
  • Wooden or metal stakes

Step Two: Plant the Stakes

Once you have the equipment, place two to three stakes around the tree at a 45-degree angle toward the trunk and use the sledgehammer to drive them into the soil. You want to plant the stakes just outside of the tree’s root system to avoid damage.

Step Three: Straighten the Tree

Next, carefully straighten the tree until it sits fully upright. You can use a hand winch to pull the tree or push it with your hands if it’s in moist, pliable soil. Keep in mind that applying too much focus can cause extensive damage and even snap the trunk, so be gentle when straightening the tree. 

Step Four: Secure the Tree to the Stakes

After straightening the tree, cut the garden hose or rubber tubing and place it over the tree straps. Attach the straps to the stakes and the tree while ensuring they don’t directly touch the tree. Placing the rubber tubing over the straps will prevent the straps from cutting into the tree’s structure.

Keep the tree staked for at least a year and allow it to grow a stronger root system before removing the straps.

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