What Causes Trees to Fall in St. Augustine, FL?

//What Causes Trees to Fall in St. Augustine, FL?

What Causes Trees to Fall in St. Augustine, FL?

When it comes to understanding how trees work, Affordable Tree & Landscape, St. Augustine’s reliable tree service, has the answers you need. In this post, we discuss what causes trees to fall. If you can recognize hazard trees, you can prevent significant property damage and injuries. 

Now, let’s look at the common factors leading to tree falls. 

Root Damage

This cause is one of the most common tree fall triggers and can be due to several reasons:

  • Root rot results from too much water collecting around the roots. It can be due to several types of fungi and leaves the plant vulnerable to heavy winds.
  • Construction damage is another of the leading causes of tree toppling. In this case, digging severs roots, causing significant damage. 
  • Soil compaction drives the oxygen out of the earth, slowly suffocating the roots. It can be from heavy traffic or vehicles parking on the root zone. 
  • An unestablished system is another of the reasons trees collapse. In this case, the network isn’t as extensive as it needs to be to provide proper support. 
  • Shallow roots occur when the tree can’t establish a strong root system. This result could be because of poor watering habits in the year after planting or compacted soil. 

Weakened Trees

What causes trees to fall other than an issue with their roots? There are a few other issues. If you understand the conditions for tree falling, you’ll have a better grasp of this concept. 

Sick Trees

When your tree is ill, it can’t resist the onslaught of a storm as well as it should. Fungal infections may cause rot in several areas. If this is in the heartwood, the tree may fall in on itself. 

Part of the danger with sick plants is that they can’t sustain their branches properly. As the limbs die, they fall off, increasing the chance of the tree overbalancing. 

Incorrect Pruning Methods

If you aren’t careful when trimming your tree, you can cause irreversible damage. Taking too many branches off one side can cause the tree to topple over as the canopy is no longer balanced. 

If you top the tree, it might send out too many sprouts, making it top-heavy and causing it to topple. 

Pest Damage

Pests cause significant structural damage. They might disrupt the cambium layer, meaning the tree dies off from the top down. It is then more vulnerable to toppling. 

If the damage is very severe, the plant may also collapse in on itself. 

Environmental Issues

Sometimes, you can do everything right and still have a tree fall over. This outcome is commonly due to heavy winds, lightning strikes, and even too much rain. If the soil becomes saturated, the roots might not be able to maintain their grip, and the tree will begin to lift. 

Contact Our Team for Help Understanding Tree Fall Causes

Affordable Tree & Landscape is your go-to team for any arboreal issues. Now that you know what causes trees to fall, can we help with other things, like how to brace a large leaning tree? Call us at 904-687-9856 to schedule your consultation today!

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