Are Ants Bad for Trees? What St. Augustine, FL Residents Should Know

//Are Ants Bad for Trees? What St. Augustine, FL Residents Should Know

Are Ants Bad for Trees? What St. Augustine, FL Residents Should Know

You’re inspecting the trees in your yard and notice ants crawling up some of them. This might leave you wondering, “Are ants bad for trees?”

While some like carpenter ants can harm your trees, others can be beneficial. They’ll protect your trees from other harmful insects. 

In this blog post, Affordable Tree & Landscape, St Augustine’s expert tree service company, delves deeper into the relationship between ants and tree health. Keep reading for more information. 

How Can Ants Benefit Your Trees?

If you see ants crawling up and down your tree, chances are that they don’t live in the tree; they could just be on a hunting spree. 

Besides feeding on the dew on the tree leaves, such ants also kill small insects that pose serious issues for trees. They’re especially helpful in controlling aphid infestation. 

Aphids are notorious for sucking out moisture on tree leaves. This kills the leaves, making it difficult for your tree to manufacture food. 

Signs That You Have Harmful Ant-Tree Interactions

Are ants bad for trees? At times, you might have ants as tree pests. It pays to regularly check your tree’s health. 

If you suspect you might be dealing with a harmful ant infestation, look out for these common warning signs: 

  • Sawdust buildup at the base of the affected tree
  • Fluffy, dome-shaped heap at the tree’s trunk
  • Smooth tunnels, galleries, and dotted damage on your trees
  • Rotten wood and multiple wings around the tree’s base
  • Rustling noises at night and ants overrunning your food may indicate a severe infestation

How to Protect Your Trees From Ants

A simple way to protect your trees against ant damage is to trim the infested limbs or branches. It also helps to remove branches that might make contact with nearby trees. Ants usually use such branches to move around. 

Ants and arboriculture specialists recommend Installing tree guard bands to protect your trees from ants. This approach entails wrapping a flexible band around a tree’s trunk about four to six feet off the ground. 

You then smear a sticky substance on the band. This traps and kills the pesky ants as they climb up the tree. You can use this trick on other pests that crawl up and damage your trees. 

Before using tree guard bands, you should find out the types of ants you’re dealing with. You don’t want to kill friendly ants. 

Suppose harmful insects like aphids have infested your tree and ants are climbing up to eat them. In that case, you should leave the ants to do their job!

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Are ants bad for trees? If you need more information about this question, Affordable Tree & Landscape is your trusted local arborist. We offer various tree care services, including:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding

Contact us today at 904-687-9856 for a free estimate or to learn about the major reasons to hire a pro in St. Augustine, FL.

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