Tree Topping vs. Crown Reduction: What’s the Difference in St. Augustine, FL?

//Tree Topping vs. Crown Reduction: What’s the Difference in St. Augustine, FL?

Tree Topping vs. Crown Reduction: What’s the Difference in St. Augustine, FL?

Do you have an excessively tall tree posing a danger to your property? Such trees can break or uproot during a storm, injuring people or destroying property. 

You can mitigate the risks through tree topping or crown reduction. In this blog post, a trusted St. Augustine tree service company explores tree topping vs. crown reduction to help you decide the best approach. 

What’s Tree Topping?

Tree topping is an aggressive pruning technique that removes most of the tree’s crown. You leave only lateral branches and stumps. Other common terms for this method include hat-racking, tipping, and rounding-over.

Advantages of Tree Topping

Arborists often recommend this technique if your tree has suffered severe storm damage, has lost almost all its canopy, or is at high risk of falling. However, you should only use tree topping in a final attempt to save a tree that otherwise would have almost zero chance of survival. 

Disadvantages of Tree Topping

Below are some of the reasons you should avoid tree topping:

  • It makes the tree structure unsafe.  
  • Topping introduces fungus and bacteria through the large cuts. This can adversely affect the tree’s health. 
  • Canopy removal exposes your tree to sunscald. 
  • Topping can reduce your property’s value. Topped trees can be ugly and a real turn-off for prospective buyers. 
  • It can cause the tree’s death. 

What Is Crown Reduction?

Crown reduction involves reducing a large tree’s size without adversely impacting the crown’s structure. It requires you to prune back the branches to lateral branches of reasonable size to assume the terminal role. 

You reduce bulk and weight on the tree’s top. This doesn’t just enhance the tree’s visual appeal; it minimizes the risk of falling. It doesn’t alter the tree’s natural shape or hamper its growth. 

Reducing the tree crown requires meticulous planning and cutting. This often takes more time than tree topping. Luckily, the outcome is worth the trouble!

Benefits of Crown Reduction

When it comes to choosing tree topping vs. crown reduction, choose the latter for these reasons:

  • It puts less stress on your tree, thanks to smaller cuts than tree topping. 
  • Crown reduction prevents regrowth issues. Tree topping usually promotes awkward branch regrowth.
  • It helps preserve your tree’s visual appeal and enhances your property’s overall aesthetic. 
  • It minimizes the risk of breakage by reducing the top weight and eliminating dead branches. 
  • Crown reduction helps improve fruit health. It reduces competition for nutrients and water between branches and fruits. 

Disadvantages of Crown Reduction

The major disadvantage of crown reduction is that it can stress your tree. When you remove branches and foliage, you reduce the tree’s ability to manufacture food. Nonetheless, if you do it correctly at the right time, its benefits far outweigh the risks. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Need to learn more about tree topping vs. crown reduction? Affordable Tree Landscape is the go-to local arborist. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning

Call us today at 904-687-9856 for more information or to learn what causes trees to fall in St. Augustine, FL!

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