Affordable Tree and Landscape Available 24/7 For Emergency Tree Service Needs

/Affordable Tree and Landscape Available 24/7 For Emergency Tree Service Needs

Affordable Tree and Landscape Available 24/7 For Emergency Tree Service Needs

If you have a dead tree or a broken branch on your property, especially if it threatens you, or your property, you have a serious situation on your hands. Leave your emergency tree care to the professionals at Affordable Tree & Landscape. The tree care specialists respond swiftly to tree emergencies and work hard to safeguard the safety of your family and property.

What Emergency Tree Services Are Provided By Affordable Tree & Landscape?

Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree on your property is dead or irreversibly damaged as a result of infection, you may need an emergency tree removal service. Leaving the affected tree unattended can pose many dangers to you and your household. When a tree dies, it becomes weak and may fall off when no one is noticing.

However, it’s not advisable to attempt cutting down a tree if you don’t have any prior experience with tree removal. Tree removal is dangerous work. Wrong handling of equipment or accidental detachment of the branch can inflict serious injuries on you, damage your property or even lead to death. Thus, your best bet at getting the tree removed safely is by engaging the service of a tree care professional.

Storm Damaged Trees

Storm damage is arguably the most common cause of tree emergencies in St. Augustine Beach, FL. When there’s extreme weather, trees become extremely vulnerable. Even healthy and well-maintained trees can fall victim. Strong winds or a strike of lightning can crack branches or split a tree, wreaking a serious havoc on your house, car or utility lines. It’s recommended to always assess your trees carefully after a storm to check for possible damage.

Debris Removal

After severe weather, it’s common for trees and branches to come down completely, resulting in your garden being cluttered with debris. It’s recommended to remove the broken branches and fallen trees as quickly as possible. As soon as the wood dies, it begins to rot and start attracting diseases and insects to your property. If you notice any debris around your landscape after heavy rain or windstorm, speak to the professional arborist at Affordable Tree & Landscape.

Why Choose Affordable Tree & Landscape For YourTree Needs?

Affordable Tree & Landscape is a licensed and certified tree care company serving the residents of St. Augustine Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. The professionals at Affordable Tree & Landscape are well trained, properly equipped and certified to perform emergency tree services on residential and commercial property. For more information, you can visit their  official website or call: 904-687-9856.

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