Experts Provide Storm and Hurricane Proofing Tips in St. Augustine, FL

/Experts Provide Storm and Hurricane Proofing Tips in St. Augustine, FL

Experts Provide Storm and Hurricane Proofing Tips in St. Augustine, FL

If you live in Florida, there are chances that you have had your own fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms. Almost every year, Florida is hit by these natural disasters, often resulting in extensive damage to the landscape. While you cannot prevent these disasters from happening, you can lessen the possible impact they could have on your property with proven storm hurricane proofing techniques.

Storm and Hurricane Proofing Tips 

Plant Storm-Resistant Trees

Hurricanes and storms attack your trees with raging high winds and driving rain. Also, hard and icy hail sometimes batter your tree branches and foliage. Only the strongest trees survive the assaults. You can limit the impact of these severe weathers by planting storm-resistant trees like sand live oak, swamp chestnut oak, southern magnolia, crape myrtle and bald cypress.

Remove Dead and Weak Trees

Dead or weak trees are most vulnerable and can suddenly fall on people or property during hurricanes or storms. If you have trees with weak branches, it’s best to schedule removal of hazardous trees to protect yourself, your family and your home. You can hire a professional tree service to inspect all your trees at least once a year to assess their health and check for risk level.

Schedule Tree Pruning or Trimming

Tree pruning is primarily done to remove weak branches and limbs to improve the health, structure and shape of your tree. However, a properly pruned tree can also offer resistance against wind during hurricanes or storms. It’s best to engage a professional tree care service that has experience handling tree pruning in St Augustus, Florida.

Protect Your Tree Trucks

Tree trucks are as susceptible to hurricane and storm damage as the other parts of the tree. Interestingly, they also play a vital role in keeping your tree stable during the crisis. You can provide added protection by covering your tree trucks with protecting wrapping.

Choosing The Right Professional For Your Tree And Landscaping Services

Affordable Tree & Landscape helps prepare your trees and garden for hurricane season using the effective storm and hurricane proofing methods. They service homes and businesses in St Augustine, FL and the surrounding areas with tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and more. For further assistance on how to keep your trees in optimal shape to prevent damage and withstand the hurricane season, learn more about their storm and hurricane proofing or call: 904-687-9856.

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