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Local Tree Service Contractor Offers Affordable Tree Pruning Service

/Local Tree Service Contractor Offers Affordable Tree Pruning Service

Local Tree Service Contractor Offers Affordable Tree Pruning Service

Well known for its intriguing historic district and its beautiful beaches, St. Augustine is also home to some of the most beautiful treescapes in the world. Magnolia Avenue in St. Augustine has been called one of the most photographed streets in America by National Geographic. The street is lined with majestic oak trees whose branches drape over the paved road. Light filters through the leaves, yielding an otherworldly ambiance to the area.

Providing tree care service to iconic, magnificent trees requires a level of expertise and knowledge that only the most experienced tree service contractors in St. Augustine possess. Not only must they know tree care, they must also know the city ordinances and permitting procedure for pruning and tree removal in St. Augustine.

Nothing makes a tree and a property look better than the ongoing trimming of lower limbs and branches. Keeping trees trimmed and shaped on a regular basis not only improves curb appeal but also keeps trees healthy and beautiful year-round.

Tree pruning and canopy thinning highlight the unique limb structure and form of a tree, almost as if it were sculpted. Enhancing a tree’s beauty boosts curb appeal. Unsightly tree limbs and branches hanging over the roof and driveway are not only an eyesore, but they are also a safety hazard. Sweeping majestic oaks can lose their appeal and functionality when their low hanging branches become a safety hazard.

The single best way to sustain tree growth and health is to hire a team of tree care experts who utilize industry-standard equipment. Choosing to prune trees professionally provides a range of lasting benefits, including positive results such as improved appearance, growth promotion, fewer hazards, elimination of diseased materials, clearer property view, decreased potential storm damage, safer branches, pest and wildlife reduction, healthier trees, more affordable upkeep, enhanced sun and air exposure, and healthier surrounding plants.

Affordable Tree & Landscape owner Jack Leake has a degree in Forestry from The University of Tennessee. For nineteen years, he has worked and lived in the St. Augustine area. He and his team have extensive knowledge and experience caring for trees throughout the area. They take pride in their work and can help homeowners care for beautiful, beloved trees and landscape at a very affordable price.

No matter the tree species or its current condition, Affordable Tree & Landscape guarantees better results year-round for trees. From tropical palms to southern live oaks, the team knows how to create improved growing conditions for all types of Florida trees. Affordable Tree & Landscape offers tree care services, including tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree pruning, emergency service, and storm and hurricane proofing.


For more information about tree care in St. Augustine, FL, visit the Affordable Tree & Landscape website at To receive a free estimate, contact the staff by phone at 1 (904) 687-9856.

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