Professional Tree Care Service Offers Winter Pruning Tips In St. Augustine

/Professional Tree Care Service Offers Winter Pruning Tips In St. Augustine

Professional Tree Care Service Offers Winter Pruning Tips In St. Augustine

Many arborists would say that Winter is the best time to show trees some love and care and they would be right. The long winter months are perfect for any tree care routine that needs to happen. Reasons why this makes sense include:

  • Trees shed their leaves during winter which makes it easier to see the structure and any issue affecting the tree
  • Trees are dormant which means that pruning and other tree care processes do not do any lasting damage
  • During this period, the soil is frozen, which means that there won’t be damage to the soil if trees are pruned during the winter months.

Trees that are regularly inspected and pruned tend to stay healthier for longer. A professional tree care specialist knows what to check: the branches, tree trunks, joints for cracks, and diseases. If the tree were in nature, these diseased and rotted branches would simply fall off and decay.  But when trees are surrounding houses and people, this cannot happen because it poses a danger to properties and people which is why regular pruning is necessary.

General Winter Pruning Tips

Now that the importance of performing routine tree care during winter has been clearly outlined, there are some winter pruning tips that can be of help during the cold months. Here are some of them:

  • Try not to prune too early during the winter months because it is possible for the cuts to dry up if the weather gets really cold.
  • The first parts of the tree to prune should be dead and diseased branches
  • Then the overgrown branches and some smaller ones should be removed. This increases light penetration and aeration.
  • It is a good idea to cut branches at the node. A node is a point where branches attach to each other.
  • Try to maintain the structure of the tree while pruning, and keep developing branches. 

Finding The Best Winter Tree Care Specialist in St. Augustine

Florida is known for its wide range of plant species, which can make tree care a bit more complicated. Hiring professionals to do the job for you would be a better option in this case. One of the best tree service companies in St. Augustine is Affordable Tree and Landscape.

Affordable Tree and Landscape is an ISA-certified company with a great track record and over 20 years of experience. Their team will always be on hand to cater to your tree needs. 

To book a FREE consultation, visit their official website.

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