St. Augustine Tree Care Experts offer Fall Tree Service Tips

/St. Augustine Tree Care Experts offer Fall Tree Service Tips

St. Augustine Tree Care Experts offer Fall Tree Service Tips

The way you handle fall tree care will determine whether your tree will survive the coming winter months or not. Fall is the season of the year when trees actively collect as many nutrients as possible and store them away to help them minimize the negative impact of harsh winter months and foster growth during spring.

By performing proper fall tree care, you provide your tree with the resources and tools they need to stay resilient and healthy when the winter finally comes. Affordable Tree And Landscape offers some fall tree service tips to help you navigate the process of providing adequate care for your tree.

Fall Tree Care Tips

Fertilize To Strengthen Your Tree’s Roots

One of the effective ways to keep your tree healthy is by applying fertilizer to prepare its roots for winter damage. Winter is characterized by unfavorable weather that lowers the moisture content of your tree and increases the chances of physical damage. To limit the impact of winter drought, you have to prepare your tree to develop enough capacity to retain enough nutrients that will sustain them through winter.

Grow New Trees

Fall is a great time to plant new trees without concern that your tree might be scorched in the hot sun. Fall has a cool weather that stimulates growth and helps your new tree to establish adequate roots. Healthy root growth in the fall helps your tree to develop a substantial capacity for growth in the spring.

Use Mulch

Mulch is a form of protective covering that insulates the roots and protects the tree against the cold. It’s also used to reduce evaporation to help your soil retain moisture and nutrients. Experts advise that you apply much in a 2 to 3-foot radius around the base of your tree.

How Effective Is DIY Fall Tree Care?

There are many articles and guides online with information to train you how to navigate the fall tree care process. While some fall tree care works are easy and straightforward, some are relatively complex and require the help of a professional arborist. To avoid causing damage to your tree in the process of caring for them, speak with an experienced tree care expert for guidance.

Need help with fall tree care in St. Augustine, Florida?

The certified team of professional arborists at Affordable Tree And Landscape has extensive experience with fall tree care. They are known all over St. Augustine and the surrounding areas as a reliable tree care company. They offer the highest quality tree care services at highly competitive prices. For more information about their services, visit their official website or call 904-687-9856.

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