Tree Service Company In Vilano Beach, FL Provides New Year Tree Care Tips 

/Tree Service Company In Vilano Beach, FL Provides New Year Tree Care Tips 

Tree Service Company In Vilano Beach, FL Provides New Year Tree Care Tips 

After the end of year festivities and ushering in a new year, ensuring your trees get the most out of the new year and season is important. Trees require adequate care, routine inspections and treatment to stay strong and healthy all year long.

Although DIY tree care methods may be good to maintain tree growth, professional tree care makes a world of difference in tree health as it ensures any problems, pest infestations or diseases are picked up early and adequately treated to prevent further tree damage.

Affordable Tree and Landscape provides high-quality tree care services in the Vilano Beach area with their team of experienced and highly skilled arborists who ensure trees are well cared for all year long.

Tree Care Tips For The New Year 


Mulching involves covering the topmost soil around the base of the tree with materials like animal dung, ash, dried leaves and other organic materials. This helps to prevent excess loss of soil moisture and should be applied at least 6 inches from the base of the trunk, to prevent touching the trunk and causing trunk decay or rot.


Winter is usually very cold and dry with the freezing temperatures depleting soil water.

Trees are usually dormant within this period but still require water to maintain optimum tree health. Adequate and correct watering methods replenish the soil water and help the trees keep in shape.


Staking is especially important for newly planted trees especially during winter when storms are violent and can easily break down the trees. Staking provides support for newly planted and weak trees but the rope used for attaching the tree should not be too tense to promote free trunk movement and prevent stunted tree growth.


Pruning involves the removal of dead, broken and diseased branches from a tree, preventing the encroachment of pests and infections to healthy parts of a tree. It also helps to modify the tree shape and grow on new buds rather than extending the old limbs.

The Best Tree Care Provider in Vilano Beach, FL 

Affordable Tree and Landscape is owned by Jack Leake, a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in Forestry who has worked in the St. Augustine area for over 19 years. 

Their crew of arborists are trained and highly skilled with a lot of field experience and are also licensed and certified to carry out tree care and removal services. They provide high quality and excellent customer service, giving maximum value for the competitive rates they charge. 

You can request a FREE quote by contacting them on 904-687-9856 or visiting their website for more details.

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