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Tree Service Company Offers Tree Care Tips to the Vilano Beach Community

/Tree Service Company Offers Tree Care Tips to the Vilano Beach Community

Tree Service Company Offers Tree Care Tips to the Vilano Beach Community

As spring draws closer and people spend more time in their backyards, Affordable Tree & Landscape is sharing tree care tips to help homeowners in Vilano Beach, FL tend to the needs of their trees.

One of the most important tips for tree care is to remove dead and severely diseased trees. Fungal growth and other diseases can escalate quickly and cause massive issues. Once a tree is damaged or diseased, it is not always salvageable. To avoid the possibility of catastrophic damage from a fallen tree, property owners should pursue professional tree removal for trees that have poor health and are not improving over time. The process of tree removal is dangerous and should be left to tree service experts to prevent injury to people or property.

When a tree is removed, a stump is left behind. While a tree stump may not be a major aesthetic issue, stumps will deteriorate and rot. Pests frequently feed on rotting wood and may begin to multiply in the surrounding area. To keep a yard as safe as possible, it is beneficial to remove tree stumps entirely. Some property owners choose to poison the remaining tree stump in an attempt to kill it off. Affordable Tree & Landscape suggests grinding tree stumps down to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals and the risk of adverse reactions to these chemicals. Overall, tree stump grinding acts as a cost-effective alternative to chemical products and can be an asset to property owners who want to maintain yard health.

Pruning trees is an essential weekly practice that maintains overall tree health. First, remove branches that may have compromised health. Some trees are easier to prune than others and can be taken care of quickly. However, if trees are not pruned weekly, their growth can quickly spiral out of control. When trees become overgrown and accumulate many dead leaves or scraggly limbs, properties look run down and less valuable. Regardless of appearance, trees struggle to supply nutrients where they are needed when there are impediments from a lack of pruning. Because most homeowners do not prune weekly, their fruit trees are not producing any longer, and other trees’ health continues to deteriorate. Affordable Tree & Landscape offers weekly pruning and tree maintenance services for property owners that do not have the time to prune consistently.

After pruning, tree trimmings can be converted into mulch. Mulching helps the soil maintain a high water supply and discourages weeds from becoming overgrown. While mulch should ideally be applied at two inches deep, thicker and more coarse mulching options can be laid at four-inch depths. Mulching can encourage water retention, so it is vital to avoid volcano mulching, the practice of placing mulch around the perimeter of a tree’s base in a funnel-like formation. While mulch is often laid like this to supply trees with as much water as possible, the surplus water can lead to fungal growth and wood rot. If left unchecked, volcano mulching can cause a tree’s root system to grow unnaturally and can even lead to tree death. When applied at a proper depth and with an eight-foot diameter, mulch can be a beneficial tool in maintaining tree health.

Most homeowners lead busy lives and do not have the time or energy that is necessary for maintaining healthy trees. Employing knowledgeable tree care experts can quickly yield positive results. With reliable equipment and years of experience, the team at Affordable Tree & Landscape keeps Vilano Beach properties safe, healthy, and attractive.

Affordable Tree & Landscape guarantees better results year-round for trees of all species and in all conditions. From tropical palms to southern live oaks, the team knows how to create improved growing conditions for all types of trees in the Vilano Beach area. Affordable Tree & Landscape offers tree care services that include tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree pruning, emergency service, and storm and hurricane proofing.


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