Tree Removal

Have a dead or leaning tree that needs to be braced properly or appears to be sick and need an expert opinion? Call us today for a free tree assessment and estimate to have the tree removed. Once they are dead, or very close and dying, the tree becomes a safety hazard and could cause severe property damage. You need an expert to give you solid advice on what to do next…..Learn More

Tree Trimming

There is nothing that makes a tree and property look better than ongoing trimming of lower limbs and branches. Keeping your trees trimmed and shaped on a regular basis not only improves curb appeal, but keeps your trees healthy and beautiful year round…..Learn More

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning and canopy thinning really makes your trees stand out and improves the curb appeal of your property. There is nothing more unsightly than tree limbs and branches hanging over the roof, and low enough to get in the way of enjoying your yard. Call us today for expert tree care with pruning your trees and improving their lasting health…..Learn More

Stump Grinding

It is great when you finally get that tree removed and out of the way so you can enjoy your yard. But, that stump that was left behind can be a real eyesore. If you need it removed, or want it gone and grinded up where it is below ground, here at Affordable Tree & Landscape, we have you covered…..Learn More

Emergency Tree Service

It may sound silly at first to need an emergency tree service, but these situations are never a laughing matter. When trees topple over unexpectedly, they put your house and your loved ones in harm’s way with tons of force……Learn More

Storm & Hurricane Proofing

When living in the Sunshine State, you stay at risk of a severe thunderstorm striking the area every summer season. While you can’t prepare for every hazard, you can have storm & hurricane proofing in St. Augustine, FL, for trees…….Learn More