Affordable Tree Landscape is ready to serve you and taking proactive safety measures to ensure the health and well being of our clients in this Covid 19 period and take this matter seriously. 1) Our trained staff & crews are taking extra precautions to clean often and sanitize hands, equipment and trucks before and after each job. 2) Face to face meetings are not necessary, we are practicing social distancing and only need to access the area for your trees and can communicate from afar or over the phone. 3) We are open and ready to help you with your tree service needs. Emergency tree work can be needed on a moments notice, know that we are here for you and open for business. Your safety is our #1 priority and concern. We will get through this together.


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Emergency Tree Service St. Augustine FL

Emergency Tree Service St. Augustine, FL

It may sound silly at first to need an emergency tree service, but these situations are never a laughing matter. When trees topple over unexpectedly, they put your house and your loved ones in harm’s way with tons of force.

In addition to weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds, the branches store a lot of kinetic energy, lashing out without warning. The best way to keep your property and your family safe around dying trees is to call us for help.

Affordable Tree & Landscape offers your most reliable emergency tree service, and more, throughout the greater St. Augustine, FL, community. From scheduled care technicians to late-night frantic phone calls, we’re always there when you need us most, 24-hours every day.

Only two things can stop a dying tree after it uproots itself and falls, and that’s our team or your house. Contact us as soon as you see your trees showing signs of leaning towards your buildings for emergency removal services.

St. Augustine, FL Emergency Tree Service Contractors

A tree can grow steadily for years without requiring much attention, and then last night seemed to have aged by decades. Some diseases can devastate your plants, while some pests will kill their host quickly, leaving it more vulnerable.

Despite how sturdy they seem, trees prove much more delicate than many realize, and many homeowners miss red flags. It takes an experienced team of tree care professionals to diagnose an issue before it worsens, or for emergency services.

No matter what has left your trees weakened, leaning, and in danger of uprooting themselves, you can count on us. Our tree care professionals assist area homeowners with their last-minute tree emergencies, helping them manage their immediate service needs for:

  •         Diseased Trees
  •         Growing Near Buildings
  •         Invasive Pests
  •         Unseasonable Temperatures
  •         Too Little Water
  •         Too Much Moisture
  •         Soil Acidity
  •         Poor Installation
  •         Overhead Hazards
  •         Storm Damage
  •         Impact Damage
  •         Root Rot
  •         And more common growing hazards

Whatever you need to keep your home safer, you can rely on us. Choose us for affordable emergency tree services today and save more on contractors.

The Best St. Augustine, FL Emergency Tree Service Near Me

Uprooted trees remain one of the biggest threats that many homeowners aren’t aware of, catching them off-guard in the end. Before you have an entire wing of your house to rebuild, choose us at Affordable Tree & Landscape for help.

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