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Storm & Hurricane Proofing St. Augustine FL

Storm & Hurricane Proofing St. Augustine, FL

When living in the Sunshine State, you stay at risk of a severe thunderstorm striking the area every summer season. While you can’t prepare for every hazard, you can have storm & hurricane proofing in St. Augustine, FL, for trees.

By removing any dead plant material, overgrowth, weak limbs, and more, you can drastically reduce your risks during severe weather. When you neglect your landscaping and yard maintenance, it only increases your risk of storm damage every season, including:

  •         Broken Glass Doors & Windows
  •         Damaged Roofs
  •         Uprooted Trees
  •         Scratched or Totaled Vehicles
  •         Blocked Roads & Driveways
  •         Stucco & Siding Damage
  •         Destroyed Playthings
  •         Ruined Gardens
  •         And more.

Affordable Tree & Landscape continues to assist more St. Augustine, FL, homeowners with keeping their outdoor areas better prepared longer. With affordable options for storm and hurricane proofing your trees, shrubs, and more, we can minimize your risks and costs.

For over eight years, we’ve helped numerous people with preserving their lawns better when Mother Nature strikes each year. When you need to know you’ve done everything you can to minimize your storm damage, choose us for proactive landscaping.

St. Augustine, FL Storm & Hurricane Proofing for Trees

As Floridians, we love seeing tall palm trees, magnolias, and oaks swaying in the breeze, until the winds pick up. Then, an overgrown limb becomes a harpoon targeting your bedroom window, leading to extensive damage indoors and outside your home.

The best way to prepare for hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and other severe weather is by trimming your trees now. The more potential projectiles you can eliminate now, the safer your family will stay when the next big storm hits.

Despite what others may say, it takes more than boarding up windows and buying beer to prepare for severe weather. Contact our landscaping professionals today to set your home up for success and minimize your risk of storm damage with:

  •         Tree Trimming
  •         Canopy Thinning
  •         Tree Pruning
  •         Removal Service
  •         Stump Grinding
  •         Tree Topping
  •         Safety Inspections
  •         Scheduled Maintenance
  •         Yard Waste Removal
  •         24-Hour Emergency Service
  •         And more storm and hurricane proofing services

The Best in St. Augustine, FL Storm & Hurricane Proofing

You don’t have to prepare for storm season alone when you choose our team for your trees and more. Hire us at Affordable Tree & Landscape today for safer yards and reduced hurricane damage, all at lower pricing.

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